Idealis Pesquisa advises business plans of companies that invest in data management and strategic information. Operating since 2008, Idealis has developed a new service concept, focused on opinion and market research to generate information to collaborate with the client’s strategies, planning and actions. With analytical and creative activities, Idealis’ process comprises detailed briefing, considering clients’ goals, results evaluation, involving reading the action of each project in its market niche. Headquartered in Belo Horizonte and Sao Paolo, Idealis Pesquisa serves several clients in Brazil, Europe, North America and Latin America.
Keep high standards of competence and integrity in research, keep the highest level in professional conduct and business; respect the code of ethics and professional practices, guaranteeing the anonymity of respondents and keeping all information concerning them confidential; respect the property rights of all materials received from clients or developed by them and keep data confidentiality and other sensitive information; provide transparency in research activities and quality work through our staff’s commitment. Keep the predictive aspect of market research and make it an essential business discipline, playing a key role in our client’s business.
Continuous search for knowledge in the client’s segment and its strategic context to provide the best solution to the research problem, developing comprehensive and innovative studies with greater agility, respect, ethics and responsibility.