Gold prospecting day by day

In the history of market research we see many changes, there was epoch that the importance of methodologies was discussed by large references. Quantitative analyzes had their peak, then the qualitative ones were the stars of the time. Undoubtedly, both have their importance, according to the objectives of the study. In the midst of the 21st century, data is still needed, coupled with the new world of BigData and Artificial Intelligence. But nothing is so important than Data Science, with the hint of in-depth analysis of experienced professionals. What’s good to have a lot of data, not knowing how to organize and interpret them in a way that adds to the business strategies of a company. And we are not talking about large companies, this is important for all sizes. Every day we attend to companies and we see that many of them are not prepared for these meticulous reviews that are worth gold! When we arrive for a briefing, we understand that many do not have this information organized and analyzed. Therefore, we have decided to offer the Internal Data Analysis Consulting service so that companies enjoy precious information that is not exploited for new strategic plans. Want to know how this can be accomplished? Come and try out one day of this gem-mining with our Idealis Research Team (