Brazilian Online Consumer Trend

Brazilian online consumer behavior has proven to be much more effective than in other countries, such as the US, Canada and Asia. According to a global study by Shopper online ups Pulse, the use of smartphones is a trend of the Brazilian online consumer since the number reaches 90%, being superior to the buyers in Canada (81%) and in the USA (79%). In addition, the level of satisfaction with online experiences among Brazilians is higher, 88% compared to USA (85%), Europe (81%), Canada (77%) and Asia (57%). China has been the main buying destination for Brazilians, with acceptable deadlines of up to 11 days with the respective freight rates. The consumer forms as positive aspects: the day of products and the price. This behavior can be verified on the last commercial date, mothers day, according to EBIT data | Nielsen. There was a 20% increase in purchases made between April 27 and May 11. The trend of buying and searching for varieties is confirmed when we evaluate the most purchased categories with intent to present in the last period analyzed by EBIT | Nielsen, fashion and accessories, perfumery and cosmetics and home & decoration. According to the ranking of online sales invoicing, the leadership was from the departments of appliances, telephony / mobile phones and home & decoration. The data voilà showing the change of consumer behavior, which has increasingly experienced e-commerce. For a physical consumption, the Brazilian will demand experiences in, otherwise the physical sale Dominus increasingly rare. This can be seen when we look at the growth of online sales in the fashion category, which grew 76.6%, comparing the first quarter of 2019 to the same period of 2018, according to analysis of the Shop cloud. In addition, the issue of security and relations with financial institutions has undergone changes. We owe College to the growing participation of the fintechs and facilities of the payment apps in this universe online. The experiences in the form of payment and its facilities, with lower bank fees, besides have their participation in this new behavior of a consumer. This becomes clearer when we analyze the behavior of millenials, whose technology is already part of their day-to-day life. And nothing like studying the market and new trends, as is the case of the ordering and messenger WhatsApp that are in the test phase in India and we have rumors that happen in Brazil.